Homemade Baby Wipes

Making your own baby wipes is easy and a great way to save. Frugal DIY for the win!



  1. Unroll paper towels and fold them neatly.
  2. Split the stack into manageable sections and cut in half. Place into a ziploc bag for storage.
  3. Prepare your solution by mixing together:
    – 2 cups distilled water (to prevent mold from growing)
    – 2 TBS oil (baby oil or olive oil)
    – 2 tsp Baby Wash. 
  4. Pour the solution into a large bowl. Dip a manageable section of the wipes into the solution and squeeze out the excess moisture.
  5. Store your wipes in a gallon zipper storage bag until ready to use or in your baby wipe warmer.


You can adjust the solution to suit your preference. Two tablespoons can be a little sudsy. I used the vanilla oatmeal baby wash this time and the wipes smell so good! You can also add your own therapeutic grade essential oils if you like.

To save a little more, save a distilled water jug or a cleaned milk jug. You can premix the solution and store in the jug for when you’re ready to make more wipes, as pictured to the right.