Free Budgeting Spreadsheet

Since I wrote about ways to find your money drains earlier in the week, I wanted to share a budgeting spreadsheet with you that we personally use. Since I’m a lover of excel and google drive, you can open the FREE Budgeting Spreadsheet and download in either of those programs. I personally prefer google docs because…

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Finding Money Drains in Your Finances

A new year signifies a new start. Resolutions are being made and saving money is always at the top of everyone’s list each year. I wanted to write a few posts about personal finance management. While I am not an expert by any means, we’ve paid off a lot of debt in our marriage. These…

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Citizen Bailout

Today is the day that many Americans cringe about… tax day. Despite all the Tax Freebies and Deals that are being offered, it’s not a joyous day for 54% of Americans that pay taxes. Let me first preface this post saying that this is NOT political. I don’t care what your political affiliation is. I…

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