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Super Bowl Commercials

This is an interesting concept I have never heard about before!

Carrie at Money Saving Methods shared about HCD Surveys.com. It is essentially like the many other survey companies I have shared. Although, HCD Surveys.com has a special panel you can join to watch the Super Bowl and rate the commercials. The data is released to the media so your opinion is reflected in all of the Super Bowl commercial chatter the next day!

HCD Surveys.com is set up on a point system that you can transfer to cash. Typically you will earn anywhere from $1 – $5 for each survey. Again, the value is dependent upon the type of survey you are completing.

However, for the Super Bowl Panel, you will receive 25 points for each of the first 4 commercial surveys you complete. Each commercial after that is worth 10 points. Each survey is supposed to take only 1 minute to complete, which isn't bad. Obviously, you do need to be near your computer during the Super Bowl.

You can sign up for HCD Surveys.com here. You will receive a confirmation email to log into your account. Once you are logged in, select the “Join Panel” tab to register for the Super Bowl Ad Study Panel.

Thanks, Money Saving Methods!

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