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Haier Air Conditioner and Heater

Haier CWH24A Window Air Conditioner and Heater

As I mentioned in my post about moving into a home without central air, I received a Haier Air Conditioner to review and share my personal experience. Like most reviews here on Savings Lifestyle, I will cover 4 main categories: cost, use (how-to), personal (my experience) and cheap (or ways to find a deal on the item).

Paul revieweing the Haier AC

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The air conditioner we selected to use in our new (old) home is the CWH24A unit which provides air conditioning and heating. The unit runs around $650 and can be purchased at various brick & mortar stores as well as online at Amazon.


As with most air conditioners, you plug it in and install into a window. However, since this unit delivers so many BTU’s, it requires a 220 volt plugin (the kind of plugin your clothes dryer requires). This isn’t something I realized until we received the big ole’ box. Luckily, we have a good friend’s dad who is an electrician so it wasn’t an issue for him to install – even in our old house with decrepit wiring. I’m sure a newer home would be even less of an issue.

Paul Installing Haier AC

Installing the actual unit itself took my husband and oldest son less than an hour. The unit comes with braces to attach to your outside to ensure it’s supported in the window. There are other options to place the unit in your window, including cutting a new hole in the wall but that wasn’t an option for us. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be for many people either. So the braces worked perfectly.

The unit has several features that also made it the one we chose. First off, it blows 23,400/23,800 BTU’s per hour for cool, and 13,000/16,000 BTU’s per hour for heat. This is a monster of a unit. You actually wouldn’t need it running nonstop so the 24-hour timer comes in handy to conserve energy and not freeze yourself out (well, freeze out now for us using the AC, anyway).

The CWH24A also comes with a remote control which is fantastic! Everything is digital so you know exactly what temperature you are cooling or heating, unlike most units I’ve used in the past that have dials and you think to yourself “What exactly is a 9 anyway?”

And while we haven’t gotten to this yet, the washable filter is a huge plus and will help save money down the road!

Paul and T Installing the Haier AC


We chose this model because the home we moved into is an older house and there is no ductwork for heating/air upstairs. That’s kind of important. We’re not sure when/if we will add that to the house. I want to get through this winter and see how things go. So far, the summer has been fine but it’s also been cool at night on most nights.

The unit does a fantastic job in cooling all parts of the house downstairs. I’m sure if I kept more doors open, and perhaps added some fans, the air would flow more to upstairs as well. I can tell it’s getting upstairs though because there are days it is somewhat cool and we haven’t had any other units running.

As I mentioned in my other post, my husband could seriously have our thermostat set at 68 degrees year-round. I’m so opposite of that (it’s a wonder we’ve been married this long!). So, this unit has been more than satisfactory for his needs – we have kept it around 70 degrees and I honestly need to wear long sleeves if I’m downstairs too long. He thinks I’m crazy,  and I’m totally ok with that!


Not sure you can get a deal on this anywhere, unless you try to find the unit to purchase from a store that offers points (like Sears, Kmart, Best Buy, etc). This is definitely a great unit, and I’m glad we were able to receive this to review. I’m looking forward to seeing how it runs during the winter to help us stay even warmer!

I received this air conditioner/heather as part of the Haier Ambassadors Program. It’s free and easy to signup, and you may receive great products to review like this one!

#spon Disclaimer: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Haier. This could include Haier providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

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