Grocery Shopping Alone and Save

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Renee:

I cut costs on grocery shopping by going to the stores by myself. This way I know that I am only buying what we need, and my husband and daughter don't cause any impulse purchases. I'm very good about sticking to our list, and when they do come along, I've noticed that our bill goes up quite a bit. So I know that if it's just me doing the shopping, then we are more likely to spend under budget.

Are you able to get out of the store by yourself? This definitely helps me save too! No kids (or husband) means I can always stick to my list without mid-shopping “conversations.”

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  1. This is absolutely true! I calculated that, for every 10 minutes of grocery shopping with my 7yo, I spent an extra $2. And with hubby along? It gets really expensive.

    Here’s my little secret. 6:30 am on a Tuesday at Meijer. A cup of morning brew and an mp3 player. All my coupon match-ups match up because the aisles aren’t yet picked clean. No people, no waiting at the checkout. And, best of all, peace….no husband, no kid.

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