Best Websites for Grocery Savings

Websites for Free Grocery Savings

This coupon question comes from Abby…

What are other good websites to get coupons other than

That's a good question and a great time to share with newer readers because there are LOTS! I share a roundup on the printable coupons page as well, but to recap some of the best that I use frequently, I check and print from the following sites regularly: (as you mentioned)
Coupon Network

(same coupons as SmartSource)

These sites require software to be loaded to your computer because they are tracking your IP address to ensure you are only printing the allowed amount. Don't worry, it is safe (I wouldn't recommend anything that isn't!). You can print two coupons from each site per computer in your home. So if you have 3 computers at home, you can potentially get 6 coupons.

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Also, since we're on the topic of printable coupons, they cannot be copied since that is considered fraud. There are bar codes on each coupon that is unique to that one coupon. If they are copied, the manufacturer's can track it back to your IP address (which is the internet address for your home or your individual computer to put it simply). Plus, we wouldn't want to copy coupons anyway since that can ultimately take away from some of the great coupons we get! Printable coupons are one of my favorite resources for coupons nowadays!

Another favorite to find coupons for grocery savings is Facebook. When you “like” many manufacturers, they have coupons available to print either on their Facebook page or a unique page on their website that you can only view after liking the page.

Again, check out the Savings Lifestyle coupons page for a few other places to save on groceries, including organic coupons. And, of course check out the Coupon Database to find other great ways to achieve grocery savings with coupons.

What websites have you found to help you save more on groceries?
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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on July 01, 2011

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