Gifting under $15

Several of the Deal Pros got together and decided to do a fun gift exchange. The challenge: inexpensive gifting (of course).

We used Elfster to draw one another and then got to work. I'll admit, I usually do a gift card for people whom I don't know but I didn't want to do that this time. I wanted to be able to show you that you CAN give thoughtful gifts on a budget.

I drew Sarah of Sarah's Deals and I didn't really know her interests. Thankfully, Elfster allows you to ask questions anonymously so you can find a gift idea. Sarah was great in giving me ideas.

First off, I knew she lived in Michigan so I was definitely buying her some warm fuzzy socks. Hello, it's just cold in Michigan! I picked up a pair at Old Navy for $3 on Black Friday and used a coupon code so it was less. I also got cash back on my purchase.

Then, I asked Sara what types of movies she likes. She mentioned period pieces. I'm not familiar with many of them but I do know Pride & Prejudice and LOVED it! It was on sale for $5.99 when I purchased the copy.

Finally, Sarah gave me a great idea for helping her stay charged on the go. I paid $4.08 for this charging bundle (but you can get it now for $3.75 shipped). All in all, I spent around $13 coming in under the $15 challenge!

Now, my Secret Santa was Amber, The Coupon Cutie. We (mostly me) had a little confusion about my shipment and Amber sent it and I waited and waited. Then Amber just sent me a $15 Amazon Gift Card after she revealed what she bought and mailed.

Turns out I actually did get the Bridesmaids Movie from her since it was shipped from Amazon. I thought it was one of the ones I had ordered that I was waiting to receive! WHOOPS!!

That's the nice thing about gift cards, they can be bought in the amount you need to help in those tight situations. You can find a list of Gift Card deals here to get bonus rewards this Christmas. Why not buy one for a friend and get a bonus for yourself :)

You can see more of the Deal Pro Secret Santa Challenge Posts over at A Savings Wow.

What gift ideas do you have coming in under $15?

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