Gift Ideas for Girls

Gift Ideas for Girls

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for girls is generally fairly easy. Regardless of your girl's age, there are always practical gifts and gifts that will be enjoyable. These gifts tend to also be inexpensive so you will not have to break the bank while keeping the girls in your life happy. Here are some ideas for all age groups:

0-12 Months

The Diva Chime ball is soft and incorporates all things girly with animal print and soft colors. This is a toy that will stimulate a baby girl's senses as she plays with it. There are different textures and sounds for a baby to explore.

1-2 Years

The Peek-A-Shoe Octopus is an interactive and bright toy. It can help children learn numbers and colors as they play and have fun. Music can also be played, allowing your child to be stimulated and challenged for hours.

3-4 Years

A grocery basket and pretend food allows for pretend play. Make sure that everything is made from toddler-safe materials. This toy can help your child learn things like counting, reading and how to identify different foods. Various foods are available at most big box retailers.

5-7 Years

A digital light designer allows your child to create a 3-D drawing without any mess. There are seven different colors that can be created with the use of a stylus. Kids can create a short movie or individual drawings. The drawings can also be animated.

8-11 Years

If the girl in your life loves to create and loves jewelry, a wire and bead art kit can be the perfect gift. These kits have all of the necessary items to create beaded jewelry. The beads are put into place and the wires are bent to shape. It is simple and allows for great creativity.

12-14 Years

The Storymatic is fun for girls because it allows them to create a story. This requires no technology so it will give them a break from their phones and computers. They can play with multiple friends to create a story. The 500 different idea cards provide for unlimited stories that will allow her to use her imagination.

15 Years and Older

Teen girls seem to really love all things Twilight. There are sets that include either all of the books or all of the movies. There are also sets that are special editions that contain specialty items like cast and crew stories, never-before-seen pictures and cast photos.

These are just a handful of ideas to get you started. Once you start looking around you are bound to find the perfect gifts. Just consider what your specific girl is into and start there. Christmas is coming up fast so you best get started!

What other gift ideas do you have for boys?

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