Get Your Money’s Worth out of Magazine Subscriptions

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Jaime:

There are a few magazines that my family subscribes to – All You, Weight Watchers, Sports Illustrated for Kids and ESPN.

{1} I initially got all of the subscriptions with great deals posted on blogs = money saved on something I would be getting anyway.

{2} I cut coupons from All You and Weight Watchers magazines = money saved at the grocery.

{3} After all of the magazines have been read, I mark out the address section on the magazines, bag them up and take them to my local Half Price Book Store and sell them = more money in my pocket and even more money back on my initial investment.

And that's how I get every penny's worth out of my family's magazines!

You can find several great magazines with coupons to determine which magazine you may want to purchase. And, as I've shared in my coupon classes, my general rule is to never spend MORE than $5 per year subscription for a magazine. The only exception to this is purchasing All You since one issue pays for the entire $30 year subscription (for a 2-year subscription at that).

How do you maximize your savings with various publications?
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  1. Pat on September 24, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    I haven’t paid for a magazine subscription in years. I get most of mine totally free by doing a small survey. I take all mine to work and pass them on to others.

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