Truly Frugal Card and Craft Accents

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Karen:

I have friends and family who make the most incredible paper crafts, but also spend money that I just don't have. So before recycling magazines, newspapers and ads, I look at them as possible bits for making my paper crafts like the one above.

I took a newspaper ad, advertising a Halloween Haunted House, and included a cute smiling Frankenstein (which was clipped and scanned into my computer to reuse as often as I'd like). I coated the card entirely with “Inkssentials” Glossy Accents.

I also scan any purchased paper accents so I may prints and reuse for free for myself. Plus I cut any greeting cards that I may receive but I don't necessarily want to keep, and reuse those bits as well. Often times my “found” bits are the inspiration for my work.

I have also begun saving unique paper labels off products. Now I'm waiting for inspiration to hit on how to use these too!  I've lived my life attempting to be “frugal” as often as possible. I find these pinch penny times a challenge. I have to admit, I do enjoy a challenge!

Upon showing my finished products with others, much to my delight, everyone asked where they could purchase him! When I shared that they cost NOTHING, they were speechless!

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