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Before and After Closet Wall

As you saw from my initial closet makeover reveal, the new closet is a huge difference for me. It obviously contains our clothes, shoes in the way it is intended to. I changed up things a bit from the initial reveal since I just wasn't feeling it for my side of the closet (which is really my 3/4 of the closet, let's be honest).

I wanted to draw your attention to a feature of the closet that was important for me to have in the design. How many of you have books or magazines or {fill in the blank} piled up on your night stand next to your bed? And, they may stay there gathering dust and cluttering things up, right? I surely can't be the only one! Well, one feature I wanted the new closet system to help with was this overflow of clutter and it has.

freedomRail Master Closet Makeover

I have a desk in my closet! Yes, a desk. And, this is perfect to help organize those books, magazines and other miscellaneous items. But, it also does an awesome job at being an actual desk.

I wanted a space in the closet where Paul or I could place our computer to set up for the day or night if we needed to. While I have my actual office space, the closet is extremely quiet. This is the perfect place to record podcasts or screencasts since there is virtually no other noise in the background.

If you wanted to have office storage, you could utilize the organizational boxes, O-Boxes, beneath the desk to file away paperwork. Our o-boxes contain clothes but adding a separate drawer for the purpose of storing old magazines, cards or paperwork isn't a bad idea. The top right drawer of my O-Box actually contains miscellaneous vitamins, toys I found on clearance and a few other things to keep hidden from the kids :)

I have enjoyed working with freedomRail on this closet makeover. I hope you have found that an affordable closet solution is possible. freedomRail has MANY options to help with all of your storage needs. Don't forget to take advantage of the 25% off sale if you are in the market for a closet system or organizational products. The sale ends on February 5, and is only held twice a year!

freedomRail has an awesome giveaway going on right now on their Facebook wall. You can win the below pictures mesh sports organizer. If you have kids, you TOTALLY need this!! Visit freedomRail on Facebook, click the “Enter to Win!” link and enter to win one of the 3 sports organizers they are giving away!

And for the sake of reminder, one last look at the before, in-process and final picture of my “desk” wall. I have storage for the clothes I wear all the time and it's easy for me to access. Plus, I can work if I want to. I love it!

Closet Makeover Before During and After

Disclaimer: I received a closet makeover by freedomRail, however this post was not edited by freedomRail in anyway. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

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