freedomRail Closet Makeover Reveal

freedomRail Closet Makeover (before pictures)Remember, the before…never forget the before…

Last month, I shared our before photos from our Master closet. You could see why we needed help :) I'm excited to work with freedomRail to share this reveal and also relay the value and quality in their products with you.

The truth is, with our master closet, it was costing us money. I wouldn't know where anything was. Sure, I may purge, clean and organize quarterly. In between that time, finding what I already had was challenging (as if you couldn't tell by my before closet photos). As a result, I would end up purchasing the same basic things over and over again since it was easier than finding it.

We knew we needed a closet solution that I could live with more than anything. Paul is really organized and I'm sure I drive him crazy (crazier in love with me, I know). So, as I began the design process for our master closet, there were things I knew we neeeded.

To start the design process, you can visit freedomRail's closet design tool and enter your measurements. From there, you are given pre-designed spaces that have been designed by professionals. Let the virtual designers help you figure out your style. It saves your time too since you're not creating this space with a completely blank canvas (or me, anyway).

freedomRail Master Closet Makeover - jewelry organizerI love this jewelry organizer. I needed a new solution for my jewelry and now I can fit it all in an o-box!

We had plastic bins in the closet to hold undergarments, t-shirts, workout clothes and other stuff that wasn't imperative to being hung. So I knew we needed some sort of dresser unit but not a dresser. And I didn't want to buy a dresser for our bedroom since we just didn't want one out there.

freedomRail has a solution called o-boxes, short for organizational boxes. You can have these come in various sizes and styles. We received several 2-drawer o-boxes and a few 3-drawer o-boxes. The 3-drawer o-boxes will work well for placing jewelry, my hubby's pocket stuff (cell phone, wallet, etc).
freedomRail Master Closet Makeover - right wall
Paul's side of the closet. He is so organized and even more so now with all of the o-boxes. Somebody was being a bit of an o-box hog!

The very BEST part is that this entire solution is customizable. Sure, you may design it one way but it can change as you change. As we were finishing our installation, we realized we needed a few more o-boxes. And I wanted to get Paul a tie and belt holder. So we will be purchasing those items in January (with the huge sale..more to come on that!).
freedomRail Master Closet Makeover - facing wall
The back wall, which as you can see is MUCH better! I still haven't had a chance to organize this exactly how I want it so I may end up doing a few modifications to the layout. There is also a rack for an additional shelf clear at the top as well.

It's also nice to have it built this way since you can do a wall at a time and rearrange once your clothes are back in. Our master bedroom WAS our closet for the time that we put this together. We went wall by wall with the installation, or I should say Paul did as you can see below…

Per freedomRail's suggestion, we would empty one wall's clothing and bins and then hang the racks and arrange as we finished things up. My main goal was to get the rails in place and take it all in. I'm a visual person so doing it this way was so helpful for me to determine what shelf should go where. It's sort of like legos for moms and dads (loved that one, Brooke!).

freedomRail Master Closet Makeover - left wall

My “main” side of the closet. I have a shoe holder on the bottom and a few o-boxes that I will hold the clothes that were in our plastic bins before. There is also a shelf clear on the top which you can't see in the picture.

I am extremely pleased with this solution for our closet. I fully intend to purchase storage solutions for our boys' rooms as well. The thing I love about the freedomRail line is that it can grow – and go – with you. If we ever sell our home and move, this system is SO easy to take with us. There won't be a bazillion holes in the wall either. Just remove the railing, o-boxes and other items and pack it up. We can grow the system as our boys grow!

Do you have any questions about the freedomRail storage solutions?

I will be sharing a few more tips and tricks we learned along the way as well as another one of my favorite features of our new closet in a separate post. For now, I have a lot more purging and organizing to do. And, who knows, maybe I'll have my back wall completely switched up in the next month. I love that I can do what I want when I want to help us stay more organized!

Please forgive the poor quality of the photos, the lighting in our closet isn't the best and neither is my camera. The photos don't give the closet materials justice because they are truly top quality with a beautiful finish!

Disclaimer: I received a closet makeover by freedomRail, however this post was not edited by freedomRail in anyway. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on December 09, 2011


  • Stephanie - December 10, 2011 @ 11:57 pm

    That looks great!! I can only imagine how must feel now going into your closet, there is nothing better than a nice organized room after being so used to it being a cluttered mess! (Not that I’m calling your closet before a cluttered mess ;) ) I will definitely keep freedomRail in mind when we get around to organizing our closets, thank you!

    • Savings Lifestyle: Andrea - December 11, 2011 @ 5:22 pm

      Stephanie, it was a cluttered mess! I organized a bit more last night since we have been so busy with the holidays. I’m getting more excited about having everything in place and having the closet and shelves off the floor as most custom closets are. Definitely check freedomRail out when you look into something. I love ’em!

  • Jamie - December 12, 2011 @ 4:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see your progress. We have freedomrail in our pantry and kid’s closet and love it!! My favorite is that it’s easy to adjust and you can add to it down the road. We had planned on adding it to our master closet in spring. Keep us posted if it goes on sale! Maybe we can complete the project sooner.

    • Savings Lifestyle: Andrea - December 12, 2011 @ 6:41 pm

      Jamie, so great to hear from someone else who has freedomRail! I loved being able to add onto it. Our boys are still young now so I know their closet space/needs will change as they grow up. That is a definite advantage to the system for sure. I will definitely be sharing deals on freedomRail as well so stay tuned!

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