Get a Free Email Account

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Christine:

Once you start putting your name, email, address out there to get coupons and free samples and sign up for sweepstakes and things, your email will be cluttered up with alot of unwanted emails. After a few weeks you'll have to weed through these emails daily just to get to your important emails.

Open a free email account at Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL and start using that account for samples, coupons, and sweepstakes. Then go check on them whenever you have a chance and it will be alot easier to keep your personal and important emails away from your cluttered ones.

This is a great tip and a MUST-do in my Top 5 Tips to Request Freebies post! I would also add to consider using one of the above mentioned email provider (and also consider Gmail, which is my favorite) over your internet company's email address. When you change email providers, your email address may change as well. Your email address is always the same with Yahoo, Gmail, MSN and the others!

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