Free Christmas Gifting Budget Planner

Since I introduced the first vlog on savings tips for Black Friday and the Holiday season, I wanted to share this planner I created for you!

We have a budget, as I'm sure many of you do as well. I believe of the keys in managing a budget is planning. For Christmas, it is even more critical to find the best deals so your holiday shopping dollar can go farther. While you need a budget per person, it also helps to have ideas for each gift recipient written down so you know what to watch for.

Download this free Christmas Gifting Budget Planner to help you plan this season of gifting and stay within budget. It includes a basic planner to know who to buy for, gifts to purchase and what store to visit for the deal, as well as how much to spend per person. There are also a few pages devoted to your Christmas DIY Gifting. If you need inspiration for handmade gift ideas, definitely check out our Ideas for Gifts eBook! There are several ideas in the book that would make awesome (and inexpensive) Christmas gifts!

I have to work on my list this week. I have a few things purchased but haven't even really started. During the shopping season, I plan to keep this list with me wherever I go. I there is an opportunity to get something marked off, I have to take every chance I can get!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 05, 2011

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  • Arlene - November 12, 2011 @ 2:44 pm

    Hi, I would be so EXCITED to receive this hair dryer or flat iron! I have to regularly color my hair and it easily becomes dry. This type of product would be so beneficial! Wow! I would LOVE to win!

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