Focused Couponing: How to Shop and Save with Coupons

Focus. Planning. Reality. These are what you hear from me when I talk about what it takes to save a lot while using coupons. For nearly four years I have shared the way I shop and save with coupons and encourage many here to do the same.

So many people would ask about the Focused Couponing eBook whenever I mentioned on Facebook that the copy was sent to workshop attendees. Because of this, and knowing how much work I've put into make it a valuable resource, I decided to make my in-person workshop book available to all of my readers. It is a comprehensive guide to help you be able to understand how to save more during everyday grocery and drugstore shopping.

Read more details on what's inside Focused Couponing to learn about what great bonuses will come with the ebook! It's 80 pages full of TONS of information including my Stockpiling Best Price list.

Through October 11, you can purchase the ebook for just $4.99 with code 5SAV! Get your copy while the price is low!

If you've read it already, I'd love to hear your feedback too!
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