Fixing Up the Garage for Less

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Marcia:

We didn't want anyone to go in our garage as it was the only part of the house we didn't redo when we bought the house.  There wasn't money left to fix it up so we left it how it was.

Then one day my husband decided he couldn't look at it anymore.  Still no money to do anything major, he went downstairs and brought up all the half used paint cans. He took all of the similar colors to the paint store and they were able to mix them together to make all one shade.

He used this paint for the garage walls, which cost all of $10 to do (including the trim and ceiling too). He also built a few shelves with scrap wood he had lying around.

The garage looks like we spent a lot on it but we only spent $10 and saved about $50 in disposal fees by not throwing out all that old half used paint :-) And we cleaned out the basement shelf too!  I love when we can make something look totally new (to us) and not have to spend money.

The next time you need to update, just look around your house. Maybe by just moving a few pictures or pieces of furniture could make it look like a total redo!

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