Day 2: Do You Like Money? Let’s Find Some (in the form of coupons)

This lesson will talk about coupons; types of coupons, and where to get coupons. But first, let's talk a bit about the reason coupons even exist.

Manufacturer's publish coupons to advertise. They want us to purchase their items. We want to save when we purchase their items. But, we have to know how to use the coupon properly in order to do things ethically so we can continue to get great value coupons!

So where do you find coupons? Great question, I've got answers!

Sunday Newspaper

There are several regular inserts you will find in the paper. They include Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G, General Mills. Sometimes different inserts will show up as surprises but you can always bank on these specific inserts published throughout the year.

You can find a coupon insert schedule in advance so you know what is being published when. We also share a preview each Friday with a list of our favorite coupons and hints towards stockpile opportunities each week (more on Stockpiling in just a few days).

Try to find the best price for a newspaper subscription in your area. I recommend using Discounted Newspapers . You can enter your zip code to find the subscription options available at the lowest prices.

Peelies and Blinkies

Peelies are the coupons that you find affixed to product packaging. Blinkies are contained in the red box displays you see in the grocery aisle. My general rule is to take no more than (3) blinkies for coupons I am not purchasing that day. It's just coupon courtesy!

Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons are coupons that print with your store receipt from the machine at the register. Sometimes these Catalinas are for $ off $$ because you purchased certain items included in a manufacturer's promotion. Other times these Catalinas are coupons you can use for other items in the store.

You can read more details on what a Catalina is in this post here .

Coupon Clipping Services

Clipping services are companies that will acquire additional coupons and ship them to you for a fee. You can read more details for using coupon clipping services to better understand the reason behind doing this.


So many magazines are offering coupons inside. However, I never subscribe to magazines unless I can purchase them for $5 or less. Here is a list of magazines with coupons that we monitor to see if the prices are worth purchasing. We always alert you if they are so subscribing is definitely valuable to help you save even more!

The only exception to this rule is with All You Magazine. You can get a subscription containing 24 issues for just $30 at the moment.

Printable Coupons (IP's)

IP coupons are fast becoming as good as a resource as the newspaper coupon inserts. Many manufacturers host coupons directly on their websites now. They also email coupons out to newsletter subscribers. You can find a comprehensive list of Printable Coupon sites here .

The most popular sites to check are , , CouponNetwork , SmartSource and CoolSavings .

eCoupons, Mobile Coupons and Coupon Apps

Adding coupons right in the grocery store, seem impossible? Not with these coupons! You can set up texting and add coupon apps to your phone for Meijer and Kroger. It's self explanatory to set up – the hardest part is knowing who has the technology.

Read more about many store's eCoupon acceptance policy here .

Coupon Database

Savings Lifestyle has a Coupon Database ! If you want to know if there is a coupon available for that product, the database is the PERFECT resource to use! There are thousands of coupons waiting for you to clip, print and save today!

Up next, explaining the different organizational methods and my personal preference. Staying organized while couponing can help you have even greater savings!

P.S., Wonder what IP, ECB, HBA, and all the other acronyms mean that you read? Find a complete list of Coupon Acronyms .

Got a coupon question? Submit it using our Coupon Q&A Form . We answer regular couponing how-to questions and will answer yours too!

~ Andrea,

who thought a Cat was a feline before couponing :)