Father’s Day Personalized Collage DIY

To my dad there is NOTHING more precious than his grandchildren. He drops everything just to spend what quality time he can with them since we live so far away.A picture really says a thousand words. Why not make it a whole year of pictures to really make the old man melt!

This collage was the 1st year of my dad being a grandpa with my oldest, Ella. We made it together and let me just say that this grown man did MELT. It is now hanging proudly in his workroom for all to see!

Father's Day Collage Supplies

:: Pictures
:: Markers, Stickers, Scrapbook Paper to make it your own
:: Scissors
:: Glue/Adhesive
:: Frame ( I used a old poster frame that was 11×14)

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Open the frame and layout your pictures to fit the frame.

{Step 2} Use Stickers, Sticker Letters, Markers to decorate.

{Step 3} Attach the pictures and decorations to the board.

{Step 4} Reassemble the frame.

Project Cost

We have a not so good printer, so I processed the pictures through a photo website for the collage. Be sure to look for  coupon codes and I redeem my VERY handy pampers points (twins in diapers makes for a TON of pampers points). If I must purchase the pictures, then will not spend over $.06 a picture and look for free shipping. Also, for last minute upload to local stores that offer photo finishing to print and pick up in-store in a few short hours.

You can use any frame for this project depending on how many pictures that you will be using for this project. You can find frames at your local thrift store for the best steals. If the color doesn't float your boat, just spray paint the frame the desired color.

This project is very inexpensive if you can utilize craft/scrapbooking supplies around the house.  Photo Printing should be very inexpensive with a great photo deal or even free print offers.  The frame should cost you no more than a few bucks at your local thrift store. You will save quite of bit of money by creating your own collage and you can add your own personal touches.

However, the Memories will be priceless!  Be prepared for the memories to flood for you to and have that box of tissues close by!


by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on June 05, 2012

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