Everyday Savings: Share Your Tips and Win!

If you haven't noticed, the Savings Tips campaign is back! I had a lot of people email me asking what I was going to do with the campaign. There were lots of great tips shared, and many are getting published just now (since the response was overwhelming).

I decided to bring this back but in the form of a year-long series, with Everyday Savings. We will be sharing one valuable savings tip a day – some from shared by you and others shared by me. Nothing is too big or too small to share or learn. I have tips that I still want to try because I know they have potential to decrease our spending.

The Everyday Savings series will work similar to how things worked before. Here's the low-down:

1) Share your Everyday Savings Tips here.

Tips include a detailed DIY project (include cost), a recipe (include cost) and anything else that is savings related and can help someone save more money today. Think of what you do on a daily basis to help keep your family budget in check – people can learn from this information so submit it!

2) Only one submission is permitted from each household per week. At the end of the year, you could have shared 52 total tips!

3) A new Everyday Savings Tip can be shared each Monday morning at 8 am (EST).

4) Each Everyday Savings Tip that is shared will receive an additional entry to the $500 Cash Prize drawing.

5) The $50 Cash Weekly winner will be announced on Savings Lifestyle each Tuesday of the following week.

6) Winners MAY win multiple times throughout the year. This actually happened a few times last year! And, again, your new entry for that week gives you another entry towards winning the Grand Prize.

7) The $500 Cash Grand Prize winner will be announced in January, 2013.

That's that! You can submit your Everyday Savings tips here. You can find the official campaign rules here. I look forward to hearing your great tips again this year. Whether you realize it or not, what you share is helping someone save on what they need so they can spend (or save) more on what they want!

Let me know if you have questions. I'm excited to get this officially kicked off!

I had a video I was trying to get formatted but keep having problems which is why I am publishing this a week later. If I get the video working right, I'll share it too :)


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