Earth Day Recycling Activities and Crafts

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In honor of Earth Day, here is a list of recycling activities and crafts you can do at home. I’ve done several of these myself. It always feels good to recycle and save money ultimately knowing that you’re helping the environment too. Double win!

  1. Reuse Old Sweaters
  2. Reuse Envelopes
  3. Uses for Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags
  4. Recycle Ink Cartridges
  5. Recycling Paper for Printable Coupons
  6. Use Citrus Peels as Air Freshener
  7. Save Items for Kid’s Projects
  8. Items to Reuse
  9. Reusing Dryer Lint
  10. Reusing Grocery Bags
  11. Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bags
  12. Make Old Shirts Into Cleaning Rags
  13. Reuse Plastic from Toilet Paper Packaging
  14. Reuse Kitty Litter Canisters
  15. Reuse Soda Can Boxes
  16. Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags
  17. Save on Trash Bags
  18. Save Money by Reusing Containers
  19. Save Money on Postal Envelopes, Packing and Boxes
  20. Salvage Buttons
  21. Reuse Plastic Bottles
  22. Save Plastic Bags and the Environment
  23. Buy Once, Use Twice
  24. Reuse Plastic Produce Containers
  25. Recycling to Earn Cash

Have a great craft or activity for recycling?
Please share it with us!

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