Earn Cash with Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel

I have received so many questions and emails about how to earn more money from home. While I have written about several legitimate ways to earn money, I wanted to elaborate on a few for those who have been asking.

The first one I want to discuss is the Nielsen Home Scanning program. To be 100% transparent, I have never been a member of the Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel. However, that doesn't mean it's not legitimate because it IS and it has been around a long time.

It wasn't until a while ago when a reader asked about the program that it made me stop and realize I should probably share it with you. I shared a lot of different ways to earn while staying home and there are many more I want to share. But first up is some feedback on the Nielsen Home Scan program we received from our question on Facebook:

Traci: When I pick Giant as my store, I don't have to enter most prices. When I pick Wegmans, I have to enter every price. It can be time consuming. It seems fun at first though. Don't forget to do the online surveys also. I've been doing it for over a year and only have 20,000 points. But I'm also a bad participant as I don't want to have to enter all the prices for all the other stores like Target, etc. But you can even enter gas purchases.

And here's a great tip from Joan for submitting results:

When you send/phone in your weekly results, do it early in the week instead of waiting until Saturday, the last day. It seems like I have issues transmitting if I wait for later. I don't know if its their system and everyone else transmitting, but I definitely have better results (first time successes) when I transmit on a Monday or Tuesday. Mark it on a calendar that you transmitted, so you don't wonder later in the week.

I'm sure you may be wondering: how is it legit? Companies will pay LOTS of money to know their competitors' pricing, or just pricing in general. When you are submitting your results, you are helping them populate a database. This is research that they can in turn sell. It's very legitimate and I'm sure it's extremely lucrative too as an industry. So, yeah, they should be paying you to do this work.

Do you have experience with the Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel? I'd love to hear? If you are interested in joining, you can sign up here too. I believe they are somewhat selective as to who they let in, so after you submit your information, let me know if you actually get in.

Disclaimer: This post contains a link to an affiliate. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

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  1. Monica Brown says:

    I tried and after I put in my address it came up and said that they are not recruiting panelist in my area (Hamilton, OH)

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