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That's right. I said it. Don't purchase gifts. Give someone your time or an experience. Which is a gift, just not one you likely purchased.

I don't get attached to things. Don't get me wrong. I love the scarf my husband got for me for my birthday last year. I'd also love a handbag that has the letters “LV” in the brand name. More than these material possessions, I remember the memories attached to the gifts.

Like last year for my birthday, my friends and I went to one of my favorite local restaurants, Carlo & Johnny's (remember, support and shop local!). We have gone here several times in the past and we always have a great time. The food is awesome but the company is the BEST!

I suppose it's my age (and getting older) but I value the time with people even more nowadays too. It's rare that I can get time off work to enjoy even a cup of coffee with a good friend, let alone an extravagant meal. But when we do, I know our time together is intentional. We are making memories.

I want these same memories with our boys. It's not always the easiest thing to do with two busy, working parents that are more like chauffeur's on most days. But these memories are what they will remember too. Much like a vacation, our time is an investment as well. So if we are going to make the investment, I'd rather it be a memory that lasts a lifetime!

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What memories have you given your loved ones?
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