Don’t Chase Every Deal

It happens. You see several bloggers posting so many great deals. You see one that maybe kinda sort of would work for that person on your list but you're not sure. Should you buy it get them something that you know they will want even more?

I would wait and not chase every deal. I cannot tell you how many items I've picked up thinking that so and so would just love it. Then as Christmas gets closer and I know what they really want, I buy a different gift without returning the other (or unable to since it may have been a gift from a daily deal site).

As you plan for who is on your list and what each person wants, you can make that list that is exactly what they would want to save you time and money. You can still get a great deal on their gift. Just forget chasing every deal in the process and focus. Hey, it's sort of like Focused Couponing just with a holiday shopping angle!

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