Going to the Dogs

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Michelle:

My local Giant Eagle has a list of discounted drugs that cost only $4 to fill. I keep a copy in the car after my friend told me that she took her dog to the vet and was prescribed an antibiotic. She checked the Giant Eagle list and found the same drug sold there for $4. She had the vet write the script, took it there and got her medication much cheaper than she would have if she'd purchased it through the vet or another pharmacy.

Now I carry it with me when I go to the vet and have them check the list to see if there's a medication needed that may be purchased a bit cheaper by shopping around.

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  1. April on November 18, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Meijer has some antibiotics for free. Last time our vet wrote 2 scripts in order to get the correct dosage, so we saved $8 by going to Meijer instead.

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