DIY Twist and Scrub Polish Remover


  • 2 Household Sponges (new)
  • 1 (8 oz) Mason Jar with Lid
  • Nail Polish Remover


  1. Cut 1/4″ off the longest end of your sponges (or more if your Mason jar is shorter).
  2. Roll your large sponge piece from short side to short side and place that sponge on top of your other large sponge and roll that sponge around your rolled sponge.
  3. Push your rolled sponges into your glass jar with the rolled side facing up.
  4. Cut your scrub sponges small enough to fit in the empty spaces and place into the jar.
  5. Fill your jar halfway up with your Polish remover.
  6. When you want use, shake the jar with your lid on. Take the lid off and stick your polished fingers into the center and twist.