DIY Dog Bed No-Sew

The cost of owning a dog doesn’t have to break the bank! Before you grab any pet supplies online, grab the supplies to make this super simple No Sew Dog Bed! Your sweet furbaby will be living the good live! You can join me in being *that* dog owner!


  • 1 Yard, Fleece Fabric
    You can also do 2 yards of different fabric, 1/2 yard cut at counter will not work because of width.
  • 1 Large Pillow
  • Scissors


  1. Fold the fleece fabric in half width-wise and cut down the fold line.
  2. Place a pillow on top of one piece of fleece and place the other piece of fleece over the pillow.
  3. Make sure all sides of fabric are even around the pillow.
  4. Carefully feel the corners of the pillow over the fabric and cut a square out of each corner of doubled fleece.
  5. Carefully cut strips of fabric along each side about 1 1/4” wide, one side at a time.
  6. Tie each strip (top and bottom) together in a double knot.
  7. Start on your next side of the pillow and work your way all the way around the pillow until each side has been tied.


Be sure to take take your coupons to any of the popular craft stores before go! Remember, they will take one another’s coupons since most accept competitor coupons.