Decorating Your Home with Yard Sale Finds

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Home is definitely where the heart is. It is where you spend the most time and is the place where you feel safe and comfortable. At the end of the day or at the end of a long road trip, the first place you want to rest your head is a little place called home.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to decorating your home, but it’s easy to get swept up in the numbers and find yourself way over budget. A great place to start looking for ways to furnish your home and claim your unique style, is by checking out yard sales in your community.

There are a couple things you want to look for, great steals to find, and tips to get your new purchases, looking like you just bought them from the home store.

Lamps and Lights

Lamps are the perfect thing to add to your home that you can find easily at any yard sale. They not only save you money when it comes to electricity, but are very easy to spruce up. Use modge podge to glue a beautiful fabric over the lamp, or spend a couple of bucks on some gloss spray paint to make the lamp match your room and give it new life.

Throw Pillows

If you go to any home store, you can easily spend $20 per pillow for a bed or couch. PIcking out pillows at a yard sale that are machine washable are always your best bet. Don’t think your pillows need to match either. Go with funky styles or colors that will make your couches or bed sets pop.


There are always really great choices of dining tables or side tables available at yard sales. Take a good look at items that may seem worn down or falling apart. It may only need a nail or screw in one place and good coat of paint to look actually perfect. Don’t be turned off by wood that is chipping, as some sanding will make the furniture look brand new.

Vases and Glass

The great thing about vases, cups, and large glass pieces is that they can be used to hold all sorts of neat objects. From flowers, to candles, and candies, there are so many different uses for these easy, go-to decorating pieces.

If you take the time to really check out neighborhoods that are having yard sales, you can score amazing deals and prices that can not compare to the store’s prices. Not only will your budget be happy, but finding original pieces, while being able to personalize other items, are invaluable to your home.

What items have you purchased at a yard sale to decorate your home?

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