Young’s Jersey Dairy | 142nd Birthday Celebration

I rarely visit Young's Jersey Dairy in the winter, but they are celebrating their 142nd birthday this weekend, January 14-17,2011.  They are having great deals on food, ice-cream (my favorite), and on Udders and Putters. We love to spend several hours at Young's in the Spring and Summer.  It probably will  be too cold for us to enjoy the miniature golf but lunch or dinner sounds great!

Here is what you can expect for the weekend!

Dairy Store Specials

  • One dip waffle cone $1.42
  • Young’s Farmstead Deep Fried Cheddar Curds is $1.42
  • Cheeseburgers $1.42
  • Kid’s Meals $1.42

Golden Jersey Inn Specials:

  • Young’s Farmstead Deep Fried Cheddar Curds is $1.42
  • Kid’s Meals $1.42
  • Special Celebration Souvenir Sundae $3.00

Udders and Putters

  • Game of miniature golf $1.42
  • Medium bucket of golf balls $1.42

I am really digging the $1.42 Kids Meals, Cheeseburgers and Waffles cones because you can have dinner and dessert on the cheap!  I just hope the roads are clear so I can stop in!  What do you like most about Young's?

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on January 14, 2011

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