Tuffy Brooks | 20% off Entire Football Purchase

If you need football equipment, then head to Tuffy Brooks on Keowee St. near Downtown Dayton.  Right now, you will get 20% off your entire Football Purchase! thought August 31st! If you are new to football equipment buying, it can be confusing and very overwhelming!  Last year, my son wore his cup the wrong way for almost a week because I was sure it was the correct way!

I recommend Tuffy Brooks because they are very knowledgeable and helpful! Last year, I bought anything that had pads because I wanted my son to be well protected and I had bought way too much.  I had no idea of the different options for pads and pants.  It was just so confusing and overwhelming!

My hubby suggested that I take Joel to Tuffy Brooks and they answered all my questions and made sure I had exactly what my son needed.  This year, I went there first because I trust them to help me find the  right size and fit for my boys.  Lets face it, football equipment is not my specialty!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on August 02, 2011

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