Subway Made My Son’s Dream Come True!

My son, Joel had a school writing project to write a persuasive business letter to a company of their choice.  Joel chose his favorite restaurant Subway and wrote them the following  letter asking if they would name a foot long sandwich, Joel's foot long special.

To Whom it May Concern:
I am nine years old and my favorite restaurant is SUBWAY.
I have one brother he is 5 years old and he also love SUBWAY.
You guy's have worked really hard. I love your Foot Long because it is so juicy and yummy.
And also I think you should leave coupons on the front counter. But you do not have to if you do not want to.  And I love your Bacon, Egg and Cheese Ranch so does my dad.  Plus, I want to ask you if you can name one of your long, Joel's long but you do not have to if you do not want to.  Also, you guy's are one of the best restaurants in the world.



I have to admit that I kind of thought it would never happen but I never said a word.  A few weeks went by and we heard nothing back.  By this time, many of his classmates were receiving letters thanking them for their letters along with stickers, coupons, etc.  Then, one day Joel received a card in the mail from Renee who owns the Subway in Springboro that we visit.

She was so touched by his letter that she asked for special permission to have a sub named after Joel. She invited Joel to come into the restaurant so they could take his picture and send it to corporate for their employee newsletter.  Joel was thrilled and could not wait!

This past weekend, our Subway ran the Joel's Footlong Special which is their Cold Cut Combo on Italian Bread with Provolone Cheese.  We came in this past Sunday for lunch. When we walked in, they had his letter displayed on the counter along with Subway balloons.  His footlong special was even on a poster posted on the menu board which was really cool.

They invited Joel to come back behind the counter to make his own special footlong sandwich.  He washed his hands and put on the plastic gloves and was ready to go when he wanted to see if his younger brother,  Mark could join him.They were so excited about making their very own footlong  Subway sandwich and picking out their toppings.  They were allowed to pick out a few cookies to go with their meal!  We took their picture with everyone at Subway to remember this special day!

While we ate our lunch, a customer even commented,”Who is Joel?”  He just held up his hand shyly and said,”I'm Joel.”  This was such a neat experience for my little man and I was so thankful for their generosity in honoring Joel's request. He could not believe that they would really name a sub after him.  I believe this day will help him to always put wings on his dreams!


by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 24, 2011


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