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Today on Savings Lifestyle Home, I shared a personal story about how Facebook saved us $2,000! Yeah, it's no joke! The big corporate offices charge an arm and a leg for services and products. They mark up prices so high that it's a bit ridiculous and makes me sick to be honest. We're trying to support more local-based businesses and franchises.

So…we'd love your recommendations!

Who would you recommend locally to do various projects, and I'm not limiting your suggestions by any means. I'm thinking of Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Carpentry, Catering, Car Repairs, etc. The other nice benefit with the smaller companies is that they have less overhead and can be better at pricing out work as well!

Please share recommendations on any/all small business that you feel has integrity, does quality work and is reliable. I firmly believe in quality over quantity and I'd love to start a resource for others in the Dayton area to check if they have a small business need! And, the other plus is we'll be helping out business owners in the community which means helping the community in the long run!

Who's first??!!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on October 27, 2010

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