Dayton Area Rave Motion Pictures: $5 Discount Days

Did you know that Rave Motion Pictures has $5 Discount Days?  You will be able to take advantage of this deal all day and applies to all of the current movies that are showing. However, it does not include 3D or IMAX.

Here are discount days for the Rave theaters in the Dayton Area.

  • Dayton Mall South- Tuesdays
  • The Greene- Wednesdays
  • Huber Heights- Tuesdays

This is a great deal to catch a new movies since the price can run about $10 and just a little cheaper for matinee.  I am so excited to take my boys to see a few of the summer blockbusters that will be out soon. I am looking forward to seeing the new Avengers movie! What movies are you dying to see?

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