Carl’s Coats for Kids | We Need Your Help!

Hey Dayton!  Carl's Coats for Kids needs our help! The end of the campaign is drawing to a close and they are no way near their goal.  I am spreading the word so that my awesome readers can help kids have a coat this winter.  Please join me so that we CAN make a difference in the Miami Valley!

Here is how you can help. So, check your coat closets and dig out your kids' gently used coats that they have outgrown!  Hey, you can even check with your friends and neighbors to see if they would like to do the same!  (You can even purchase new coats if you do not have any to donate.)  Then, gather them all up and head to WDTN Channel 2's Station or any of the following locations:

Please spread the word so that more kids can be helped this year than last!



by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on October 20, 2011

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  • Casie May - December 18, 2011 @ 4:47 pm

    Hi! My name is Casie Morris and I live here in Dayton. I manage the Buffalo Wild Wings in Town and Country Shopping Center. In the past I have taken our lost and found items and donated them to the local Coats for Kids drive. This year, I have gotten ALL of the Dayton market stores involved and we are prepared to make a very large donation! I wanted to share with our community how awesome our crew here at BW3’s is for helping out and being so eager to donate! We will have more than just coats and other winter items as well. I plan on approaching more local businesses with my idea of donating their lost and found items and hope to have the entire community more involved than ever. I would appreciate some form of contact, an e-mail response would be appreciated!

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