Blockbuster Video Springboro | Store Closing

I noticed on my way home from the grocery store that Blockbuster in Springboro is closing.  I stopped in and found one of my kids favorite movie, Inkheart, for only $3.99.  Here is the breakdown of discounts at the store:

  • $3.99 Used DVDs (without the case)
  • $7.99 Used Viewed DVDs
  • $18.99  TV Sets
  • 10% off New DVDs
  • 30% off Candy, and Snacks
  • 20% off Video Games
  • 15% Used BluRay
  • 10% off New BluRay
  • 20% off Magazines

The furniture and fixtures are also available for sale.  They still have a nice selection of movies and I wish I would have had more time today.  I will be stopping back in soon.

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