Day 5: Focus Your Efforts and Time at One Store (at first…)

As you are beginning to shop each week, I encourage you to focus on one store and the policies for that store. You will likely be on your way to saving hundreds at multiple stores, but if you start small, you will achieve a higher rate of success.

Here are a few things to consider at each store:

Request a Coupon Policy from your store. You can find a list of Coupon Policies and FAQ's for many stores here at Savings Lifestyle .

A written coupon redemption policy is NOT always easy to get! Email corporate or request a policy from the store management. Keep this policy with you while you shop in the event a process you are following [according to the store's policy] is being challenged. In the event of a management change, be sure to double check the policy you are following.

What types of coupons can be used and redeemed at this store? If the store accepts coupons, they probably accept most every coupon that were discussed in getting coupons. There are a few questions and exceptions that are the norm to seek further clarification.

Does the store double coupons? Double coupons can make a huge impact on your savings. If the store will double coupons, that means that $0.50 coupon value really equals $1 in savings. Many times, this is the difference of paying for something and getting it FREE!

Does the store limit coupons and/or doubling? Some stores double everyday up to a certain number of coupons. Others will double unlimited everyday. While some stores still do not double at all.

Always remember, each store, and even each region is different. Managers are also given discretion to implement corporate policies a bit differently. To be safe, be sure to ask management these questions so you know what to expect at the register.

Now, once you understand the rules for the store, add in other stores. And then start the drugstores (more on that in tomorrow's email). What store will you focus on first? Share it on the Savings Lifestyle Facebook page . Other “likers” may have some tips for you shopping at that store.

Got a coupon question? Submit it using our Coupon Q&A Form . We answer regular couponing how-to questions and will answer yours too!

~ Andrea,

Believes in the adage of getting more flies with honey. Why I want a ton of flies, I don't know. Maybe I could get a coupon for fly spray or something :) I do want managers who know I'm just trying to save money like they are.