Day 3: Coupon Organization Methods (and my Personal Preference)


The two most popular methods are the binder method and the filing method. I have personally used both methods and am currently do a little bit of both which I'll explain in a second. Here's a rundown of the popular and most efficient methods to organize your coupons.

Binder Method

The general idea with the Binder method is that you shop with all of your coupons in the binder. To use the Binder Method, you will need a school binder with zipper closure and baseball card holders which you can find in the office supply section of the store.

Each week, clip your coupons from the Sunday newspaper, all of your magazines and any printable coupon sites. Create organization within your binder that works for you whether it is by store aisle or by product type (i.e., frozen foods, hygiene, dairy, etc).

A popular one that I mention in my live classes is the Couponizer . Or, visit to grab all of the supplies to make your own!

File-by-Insert Method

The idea with the File-by-Insert Method is that you file your inserts without cutting them. You will only touch the coupons when you will actually need them for that specific shopping trip.

As you receive your Sunday newspaper coupons each week, put the date on the front of the whole coupon insert.  You will need basic file folders or hanging file folders . You could use a portable file box or something like this portable filing cart to hold all of your files. I chose to use what I had so a mini filing cabinet works for me.

Hybrid Method

While I do love the File-by-Insert Method, I see the advantages of the Binder Method as well. I now keep important coupons for products that I use frequently in case of an unadvertised deal.

The advantage to this method is you still have the convenience of clipping the coupons you need when you file your inserts. You also have some important coupons with you that you always want to keep an eye out for an unadvertised sale or clearance opportunity.

Everyone always asks where I got my shopping coupon binder, and I haven't seen a similar one since in a store. However, this coupon organizer on Amazon looks almost identical. It has enough sections so you can separate coupons by several categories and even by store (which is great to hold your Catalina coupons, rain checks and loyalty cards). Now I'm planning at home and still at the store with many coupons in case I find an unadvertised bargain!

For fun, stop over on the Savings Lifestyle Facebook page and leave a wall comment share if you plan on using a Binder Organizer, you use the File-by-Insert Method or do a mix of both (like me) and use the Hybrid Method.

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Tomorrow, I will share my tips on making your purchases go by without a hitch to help you save time and save money!

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~ Andrea,
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