Day 1: Getting Started – Setting a Budget

Welcome to this 7-day coupon eCourse on Focused Couponing. You will learn how to shop and save using coupons. It's not hard but it's not a walk in the park either. I am committed to helping you learn how to save because it can truly be a blessing – they have been for our family!

The first step which I personally believe is the foundation of everything to do with spending money is to Set a Budget.

We're still not where we're going, but we're not where we were. ~Natash Jasefowitz

Our budgets are goals; a personal measure of success and accountability. With each goal, you need to understand what is required to achieve success. With your budget, that includes a predetermined amount to spend in each are that you spend money: tithing, mortgage, utilities, cars, insurance, grocery, etc.

Evaluate Your Current Budget. Do you even have a budget today? I just sort of spent what we needed to each visit when I first started focused couponing. Not anymore!

Give yourself a smaller goal to begin with so you can feel the success of achievement. I truly believe in what the quote above suggests. I want to encourage you that the success is truly knowing you aren't where you were when it comes to shopping and saving with focused couponing efforts.

As you establish this spending goal, it will help to know what you are currently spending to know what the right amount to spend actually is. Again, everyone is different so comparing yours to mine isn't productive since your family probably has different “non-negotiables” than our family.


Take a look at your previous month's expenses. How much did you spend for all of your grocery, health & beauty, baby, pets, etc?

If you want to share it with others for accountability, leave a message on the Savings Lifestyle Facebook page and leave an update with the you spent amount along with the savings goal you plan to achieve the first week you are shopping with coupons.

I guarantee you will save at least 50% – possibly more but YOU will need to do the work. And, what that entails will come tomorrow as we dive into couponing, getting coupons and the true value of a coupon.

Coupons can be a life changer. If you know our personal story , you know how the savings we achieved with coupons literally changed – and saved – our son's life!

Got a coupon question? Submit it using our Coupon Q&A Form . We answer regular couponing how-to questions and will answer yours too!

~ Andrea,
Is an excel spreadsheet nerd and thought this process was fun :)