Where are you strategically shopping?

I’m guessing you have gone shopping over the past several weeks. Eventually you will have a stockpile to “shop at home” for your everyday needs. There are strategic shopping techniques that will help you get to that point. We will discuss all of them during the grocery savings class in just a few weeks.

To prepare, I would love to know 1) how often you go to the grocery store and 2) if you shop at multiple stores.Which stores do you shop regularly and why? These are all good things to chat about with the other grocery savings workshop attendees in this community discussion here (under the Strategic Grocery Shopping category).

The chances that they shop where you shop are pretty high. Who knows, you might meet them at the class and pass them – or me – in the store in town. Until that happens, meet them virtually in the community . I’ll be in there chatting with everyone too!

~ Andrea
[email protected]

P.S., Check out the Savings Tracking tool on Savings Lifestyle . It's completely free to use. You can track how much you are spending and saving now. This will help you see how much your shopping efforts are going to change after the class..for the better!

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