Mealtime Favorites

Getting all of the ingredients for family mealtime doesn’t have to cost a lot. It’s switching things up that can sometimes get confusing. Can I substitute ingredients from what the recipe calls for to what is on sale this week? Do I really need to add that ingredient that I don’t have, and wouldn’t normally use? All of the best recipe bloggers will tell you that a great meal comes out of adapting things to what you have. That’s a good thing for me!

Since everyone can use some menu inspiration, stop in this community thread here and tell us your family’s 5 favorite meals. From all of the discussion, try to find one new meal idea that you can add to your routine. Better yet, sit down and get your kids involved in selecting the new meal. They will have to love it when you make it then, right?!

During the grocery savings workshop, we want you to leave with a better understanding of strategic shopping techniques and how to use coupons in a realistic way to save substantially on your budget. In doing this, you will have ingredients to make meals at the fraction of the cost. We will also share some basic tips to cut your prep time in the kitchen and get dinner on the table in no time at all. There are lots of great topics in this section.

By the way, did you share

~ Andrea
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P.S., See how I get my kids involved with menu planning here. While I can't say they help me plan out meals every month, they are less resistant to eating that broccoli when they made the decision to include it in the meal. Sneaky, sneaky :)