Let’s Connect Before the Grocery Savings Workshop!

I'm so excited to meet you at Grocery Savings Workshop.  If you are new to SavingsLifestyle.com, here's a little bit about me.

I am a former HR professional turned stay at home (now work at home) mom to our 3 boys. I've been married to Paul for nearly 14 years. I started focusing diligently on our family's finances when I started staying home with our boys in 2006. And after learning we were expecting our third child in the spring of 2007 who would face some health issues, the drive to get out of debt and do more with less kicked into overdrive. There's much more to this story that you can read in our personal finance series here .

Here I am more than 4 years later writing this site and sharing my love of finding a good deal. While I do a lot online, I absolutely love teaching classes. I love hearing stories from my readers telling me how they have saved thousands like we have. I fully believe the circumstances leading up to the creation of the site happened for a reason and this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing!

During the class we are going to be discussing a lot of information including strategic shopping techniques, how to use coupons in a realistic and focused way and meal planning tips made simple. When I first started doing this several years ago, I had so many questions and wish this type of class existed. Since it does now, I want you to bring your questions and your desire to learn and start saving with you to the class!

Until then, you will receive a few emails prior to the class that will ask you to think about things we are going to review during the class. These will be a good start to get thinking in the savings direction.

If you have questions at any point, PLEASE reach out! You can connect with me on Facebook Twitter or send me an email . Or you can visit the Savings Nation Community and add your questions, comments, and tips to the discussion.

I'll see you in a few weeks and hope to “virtually” meet you before then!

~ Andrea
[email protected]