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Skyline Chili: Free Sky-Way Upgrade 50% Extra Cheese No Charge

Skyline Chili is offering an upgrade to a Sky-Way on your Regular or Large 3-, 4- or 5-Way now through the end of this week! A Sky-Way upgrade adds 50% More Cheese to your regular or large 3-, 4- or 5-way for Free! If you haven’t taken advantage of this offer yet, get into your local Skyline Chili before the week is out!

Cheese-lovers unite! I know my kiddos love Skyline cheese. They take their extra and eat it with the complimentary oyster crackers. :-)

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  1. Kevin on July 25, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    Don’t order cheese coneys “SKY WAY” NEWPORT LOCATION Went through the drive-tru and ordered 4 cheese coneys with Heavy cheese. The total was $12.25. I said that is like $3.00 per coney & she said she didn’t make the prices. Turns out they billed me $4.00 HVY cheese or a dollar extra per coney. A coney is $1.89, but mine was $2.89 each plus tax. It would have been cheaper to get 6 coneys and not say a word.

    Do they take off a dollar if you order “light” cheese? The real kicker was they didn’t even have the extra cheese. I don’t mind paying a quarter more per each but $1.00 each wow… This location is the worst if you ask for anything special. They are happy to get if for you, but you’ll be sorry when you get the bill.

    I go to this location all the time. I normal eat inside and they started charging extra if you want it “YOUR WAY” I heard the manager complaining to a worker that she put two olives on sometime and that there should only be one olive. The workers were taken back that he got so upset about an extra olive. This is more than nickel & dime-ing you, and it’s the management fault. The workers are only doing what they are told.

    I enjoy Skyline chili, but I think I’m going to like Gold Star more….

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