Menu Plan Monday | January 31st

This is the plan for dinners at our house this week. What's on your plan?

Monday: Champp's

We're going to Champp's for dinner to take advantage of 2 great overlapping deals for the last time.  All Champp's burgers are priced at $5.99 every Monday (it changed from 1/2 price to $5.99 each the first of the year) and Kids Eat Free will be moving as of February 1st from Monday to Tuesdays.  I've updated the original Champp's Kids Eat Free post.  Still 2 great deals … just on different nights.

Tuesday: Grilled Smoked Sausage Links w/ Peppers & Onions, Veggie & Chips

Remember the smoked sausage in my freezer that I mentioned last week?  Well, it's not gone yet.  We're going to grill it and top it on a bun with sauteed peppers & onions.  A can of veggies and some chips will make this an easy karate class night dinner.

Wednesday: Pumpkin Pancakes & Cinnamon Apples

Why is that we think of pumpkin everything in the Fall but not the rest of the year?  I'm excited to have pumpkin in the freezer.  Cinnamon apples on top of pumpkin pancakes for dinner! Oh so yummy … it probably should be dessert instead.

Thursday: Date night out!

My mom offered to hang out with the boys while my hubby and I spend some time together.  I'm looking for a great dining deal to make it a reasonable night out!

Friday: Beef Vegetable Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

The browned ground beef in my freezer, combined with veggies ~ some fresh, some canned, some frozen ~ and a couple of cans of tomatoes will make a warm easy dinner.  Plus who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich with soup?

Saturday: Homemade Pizza or Leftovers

Here it is again! Homemade pizza is a regular at our house … and a favorite too!  Or we may take advantage of the leftovers in the fridge and take a night off from cooking.  We'll see what's in there by the end of the week though.

Sunday: Asian Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken is in a baggie with marinade in the freezer.  I'll add whatever veggies we have on hand and some rice to make stir fry for dinner.

If you menu plan,do you do it on a weekly or monthly basis?
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by Savings Lifestyle: Becky on January 31, 2011