Menu Plan Monday | January 17th

This is the plan for dinners at our house this week. What's on your plan?

Monday: Homemade Pizza

My kids and hubby are home for the MLK holiday.  I'm going to take advantage of a no homework afternoon and make this fun. Everyone will make their own individual pizzas.  This will be instead of the usual … me working to get pizzas into the oven as quick as possible.

Tuesday: Sausage, Green Beans and Potatoes

(Copied right from last week's menu since we didn't have this last week.) This was a favorite dinner growing up and it's a very easy one! 1 package of smoked sausage cut up in links, 2 cans of green beans (with liquid), 5 or 6 potatoes cut in chunks and enough water to cover. Boil until potatoes are tender. That's it!

Wednesday: Shredded Pork Sandwiches, Pretzels, Veggies & Dip

The pork is already shredded and in the freezer.  I like to slow cook a whole pork loin, shred it and freeze multiple baggies of it for easy dinners.  It makes great tacos too!

Thursday: A friend is making us dinner ~ Soup!

A friend offered to bring us dinner on Thursday.  Of course I didn't turn her down!  She said that we're going to be guinea pigs for a new recipe she wants to try.  I'm sure it will be great!  Thanks Julie!!

Friday: Spaghetti & Meatballs Or Leftovers if there's enough in the fridge

As I've said in the past few weeks, Friday's are busy here as my hubby and I go different directions for basketball practices for 2 boys. Dinner has to be quick & easy!

Saturday: Dinner Out

A night off from cooking and doing dishes!  Not sure where we will go but I think it will be an early dinner out after having fun at Icefest in Hamilton during the day.  Something to warm us up.  Maybe $1 Butterburgers at Culver's in Mason. More details about Icefest coming soon!

Sunday: Saucy Chops II, Mashed Potatoes & Veggie

A while ago, I searched All for a recipe close to a meal my mom made when I was a kid.  If this isn't the exact recipe it's pretty darn close.  I'm using pork cutlets ( I guess that's what you'd call them) from a pork loin I used half of for dinner 2 weeks ago.  I cut the other half in slices and froze  them for 2 future dinners.  The sauce is very good on mashed potatoes!

If you menu plan,do you do it on a weekly or monthly basis?
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