Menu Plan Monday | April 11th

My hubby was working out of town for the last 2 weeks!  Dinners didn't happen as they were planned while he was gone.  I gave into the ease of eating out and picking up take out more than usual.  He is home now and here's to hoping that life will get back to normal. Here's what we're having for dinner this week. What's on your plan?

Monday: Pineapple Chicken, Broccoli & Baked Potatoes

It's going to be a super crazy busy night here on Monday.  One of my boys has play practice after school, another has baseball practice after dinner and the third will be decorating his Plant Cell cake for a school project.  This dinner is one that tastes like it takes a lot of work but is Oh so easy!

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Veggies & Pretzels

I made this crock pot BBQ Pork recipe a few weeks ago. Half of it is in the freezer and perfect for dinner on our karate night.

Wednesday: Pepper Steak w/Brown Rice

Have you noticed that groceries are getting more expensive lately?  I have and I've especially noticed that there haven't been great meat deals.  I was pleased to find Round Steak reduced at Jungle Jim's last week.  It's been along time since I made this family favorite.  I adapt the recipe by adding a few more veggies … broccoli, snow peas or whatever I have on hand.

Thursday: Spaghetti, Salad and Homemade Bread

We will be using the last of the spaghetti sauce I froze several weeks ago.  I don't like to see my freezer meals depleted but why have them if I don't use them, right?

Friday: Tacos

Along with homemade pizza and a few other dinners, tacos has become a favorite for my family.   I like trying new dinner recipes sometimes.  Having the favorites on the menu too makes everyone happy!

Saturday: Dinner Out

We don't have any plans for Saturday except for a baseball game in the morning.  A planned night out should help me stick to the plan for the rest of the week.

Sunday: Birthday Party

We're heading to play laser tag for my nephews birthday late Sunday afternoon.  Dinner will be pizza at the party!

If you menu plan,do you do it on a weekly or monthly basis?
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by Savings Lifestyle: Becky on April 11, 2011

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