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Kids Bowl Free Cincinnati is Back!

Kids Bowl Free is back and running for Summer 2012 Now – September 5! Registered kids receive Two Free Games of Bowling Every Day all summer long for up to six children!

A Family Pass can be added for a one-time fee of $24.95. The family pass is good for one game of bowling each day, for up to four adults! You can add grandparents, older siblings or the babysitter. The Family Pass can only be used while bowling with the children. If you don’t add the Family Pass right away, you can add it at a later time.

When I checked the site, I noticed that there are no bowling alleys in Cincinnati or the immediate Cincinnati area in Ohio. I followed the link on the Kids Bowl Free website and requested that a few bowling alleys in Cincinnati be added. I suggest you do the same and together maybe we can get some more bowling alleys to participate!

Luckily, there are a couple bowling alleys in Northern Kentucky participating and one in Middletown, including:

Each bowling alley’s registration page includes the hours of operation for the program. The program is for kids ages 15 and under. Bowling shoes are required and available for rental, usually for around $2.

We have had a blast with this program for the last several years. It’s a wonderful alternative activity when it’s too hot to play outside or the weather is inclement. I’m excited to sign up again!

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