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Entenmann’s Store | Discounts + Calendar with Coupons

12 loaves of Arnold Whole Wheat Bread, 5 bags of Thomas’ Bagels and a calendar all for just $18.92.   That’s what my monthly trip to the Entenmann’s store looked like last week. (I so wish I’d taken a picture to post here.)

Bread products have to leave grocery store shelves once they are within 3 days of their expiration date, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad. Some Brownberry, Arnold, Thomas’ and Entenmann’s products go to the Entenmann’s Store on Springfield Pike (by Outback Steakhouse) where they are discounted.

Here is an example of the savings: Arnold Dutch Country Whole Wheat Bread is priced at $2.29 at my local grocery store.  At the Entenmann’s store it is $1.29 a loaf or 6 loaves for $6.  Big difference!

And it gets even better!

The Entennman’s store offers a Midwest Bakery Outlet calendar with coupons that can help you save even more off of the discounted prices.  The calendar costs $3.99 and will pay for itself in just one purchase.  Each month has these same 3 coupons.

  1. 2+2+2 For $6.00: 2 Entenmann’s, 2 Thomas’, 2 Arnold/Brownberry/Oroweat for $7.00
    Valid the beginning of the month
  2. Buy 2 Entenmann’s, Get 2 Arnold or 2 Bimbo or 2 Brownberry or 2 Thomas’ FREE
    Valid the middle of the month
  3. 50% Off Arnold, Bimbo, Brownberry or Thomas’ with a Maximum Discount of $5.00
    Valid the end of the month

The last one is my favorite and how I save every month on bread products for my family.  I have a deep freezer where the bread goes until we need it.

One more thing … Be sure to get a  Bakery Rewards Card.  You get a stamp for every $1 you spend.  Get your choice of 2 products Free once you fill the card with 50 stamps.  That’s 2 Free products for every $25 you spend.  Wednesday is double stamp day! I recommend going early though. Wednesdays are the only weekday that the Springfield Pike store doesn’t get a delivery

There are other Midwest Bakery Outlet stores outside of the Greater Cincinnati area including one on Needmore Rd in Dayton.  I’ve heard that Hostess and Klosterman also have outlet stores too.  Bakery outlets are a great way to save on bread products!

How many loaves of bread does your family eat in a month?

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