Cincinnati Zoo: New Manatees & Discount Tickets

My family doesn't make a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo without a stop to see the Manatees.  Several years ago my oldest son and I spent the night at Manatee Springs.  I was 7 month pregnant with my youngest son.  Yes, me & my big prego belly slept on the floor!  Of course I really didn't get much sleep …. that was okay because I got to watch the manatees swimming, floating & hanging out all night long.  Very cool!!

This past Sunday “Turner” and “CC Baby” left our zoo and headed to Orlando where they will be released into the wild sometime next year.  Manatee Springs won't be without manatees for long though.  Starting tomorrow, 11/4/10, you can visit “Wooten”, “Illusion” and “Betsy” in their new home.  3 new manatees! !! This will be the first time that there have been 3 manatees at our zoo at the same time.

I see a trip to the zoo in our very near future!  We have a season pass and get more than our money's worth with several trips to the zoo throughout the year.  If you want to make just one trip to the zoo, make a stop at Kroger first.  They have discounted Cincinnati Zoo tickets available.  Adult tickets will be $12 instead of $19 and kids tickets are $8 instead of $14.

If you go soon and see a mom with boys sitting in front of the big glass window for a long … long … long time, say “Hello!”

by Savings Lifestyle: Becky on November 03, 2010

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