#Cincinnati, Would U Rather?

Last Saturday, I was invited to the launch of a new local company called Would U Rather. They are another collective buying coupon/deals site and focusing on the Cincinnati market (at this time). They really have launched this week with a bang!!

Would U Rather is similar to Groupon in that you can purchase discounted gift certificates for local merchants. However, the one BIG difference is Would U Rather gives you options. For example, the deal I meant to buy and lost track of time was Wednesday's Would U Rather…

Have your car washed: $19 for a mobile auto wash valued up to $39
— OR —
Have your car detailed: $59 for mobile auto detailing valued up to $129

I really would have rather had my car detailed for that price (especially since that specific company came to your house to do it!!). But, I lost track of time. I guess “time” was what I would have rather had..or needed. Also, during the month of May, they are giving 100% of all profits to Susan G. Komen fund! So awesome!!

I jokingly said to the team that I would selfishly send my requests to them for some sweet deals. We all laughed, but they actually want me too! So, if you have “wishes” for Would U Rather deals, be sure to tell them what you want. I've already requested a few things :)

As a side note, during the launch we had a local service on site to watch all the kids. YES, it was awesome!! The service is PartySitters and they serve the Greater Cincinnati area (so that even means me, up by Jesus :). They offer many services, but the one that I appreciated was the large event child care that we experienced. We took all three of our boys, and each came away having a blast. Do you know how hard that is to achieve with their different ages (of 10, 6 and 3 years old). So, major kudos to keeping the kids entertained!!

I'm hoping PartySitters does some Moms Nite Out or other local events. I'd probably do more of those activities if I knew I could bring my kids along and know they would have fun stuff to do too!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 27, 2010

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