Cincinnati Museum and Kings Island Offers

Cincy Museum Membership

If you live in the Cincinnati area, there are a few deals for you to take advantage of to get some inexpensive family memberships. Both of these would be great gift ideas too!

Cincinnati Museum

The first one is the Cincinnati Museum membership. Until January 3, you can receive 50% off a 2nd and 3rd membership when you purchase one. This is a great time to purchase or renew a museum membership pass! You can find details on this offer here.

I plan on taking advantage of this with my Best Friend. We'll just split the total cost for our family's membership! If you want someone to split the cost with, leave a comment and maybe you can find someone local to share!

King's Island

The other offer are King's Island Passes. If you were like me and didn't get to take advantage of the lower renewal prices a few weeks ago (the longs were horrendous), then this is a decent deal too.

Purchase your King's Island Passes now and get the Gold Pass Parking. But, the real deal is that you won't be charged until April! We get King's Island passes every year and always try to take advantage of savings. This offer is available online until December 31.

I have heard reports of King's Island possibly increasing prices due to the taxes in the area. I'm actually purchasing our passes now to avoid any pass price increases.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 24, 2009

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