Cincinnati “Live” Savings Summit

I'm bumping this to remind you that there are a few tickets left!
You can register over here! LOL Live Savings Summit

So much to share about what I'm working on! And, this is another one I'm really excited about too!!

As I mentioned before, I am part of the Local on Living (LOL) Blog Network. We are putting on an awesome event here in Cincinnati to help you focus on saving.. and we all can use that, right??!!

But, it's not just saving on coupons. That will be just one session. There are several AWESOME sessions you can choose during the event (and I am totally bummed I cannot be in multiple places at once too).

The event will be on May 15, at The Elements Conference and Event Centre in Sharonville. The bloggers in the LOL Blog Network who are participating in this Savings Summit are:

And what would an event be without Swag??!! While attendance is limited (to 350), all attendees will receive a fabulous Swag Bag! And, admission..well, it's the best price of all: FREE! However, we will be taking donations to the FreeStore Food Bank (who I am also supporting in my Child Hunger Ends Here campaign) so check out the deals of the week and get some Free stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Sounds like fun, huh?! You can register over here!

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